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Composing Your Story- Alejandro Starosielski

PARALLEL presents Argentinean composer, musician and guitar player Alejandro Starosielski, as he shares what it takes to compose music, the true secret behind creating (hint: it’s not inspiration!) and contemplates on the one problem that makes art industries stay behind on becoming accessible to all. Gorgeous guitar tunes and great conversation, what is there not to love. He also happened to have composed the music for our previous film on visual artist Elisa Insua!

Ryan Marlon Munroe by @filmluar
Alejandro Starosielski by @filmluar
“To be a professional artist you have to tolerate frustration a lot, you have to be very patient and you have to be willing to engage in a battle with the material”. -Alejandro Starosielski


Alejandro Starosielski is a young Argentinian guitarist, composer and arranger.

As guitarist and arranger in bands he has recorded three albums; Luna Atrás (Nadia Szachniuk Trío) , Grillerío (La Maderosa) and Rueca (Abi Gonzalez Grupo). He has shared the stage with artists such as Juan Falú, Facundo Guevara, Lilian Saba, Carlos Moscardini, among others and performed in important cultural centres all around Argentina.

Ryan Marlon Munroe by Bobby Cray
Album cover artwork for FUENTE by Alejandro Starosielski

Alejandro also works as a composer for audiovisual works since 2014, and is the founder of Estudio Manos, a music production house for film and advertising. .

His recent works include the music for the feature film “Pervomaisk” by Florencia Reznik; the short film “La Sastre”, by Mario Benavente; “Por el brillo de sus ojos” by Francisco Sortino; “La espera”, by Daniel Samyn and commercials for TEDX, Aeropuertos Argentina 2000, Ministry of Social Development, Thales, among others.

He inaugurated his solo stage in 2016 with a concert in the auditorium of the National Library and since then he has performed in various halls in Buenos Aires and went on his first tour as a soloist in 2019, playing his original music all across Europe.

Listen to his music here.

“Anyone can be an artist. I think to create stuff is a very human ability and need.” - Alejandro Starosielski
'ByMarlon' clothes collection designed and styled by Ryan Marlon Munroe, photo by @filmluar
Alejandro Starosielski in his studio (Villa Urquiza, Buenos Aires, Argentina) by @filmluar


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