The Narrative of a Dancer, Choreographer and Clothes Designer- Ryan Marlon Munroe

PARALLEL invites you to a profound conversation with the one of a kind Dancer, Choreographer and Clothes Designer, Ryan Marlon Munroe. Join us as he reveals the key ingredient to surviving as an artist in a big city like London, what passions in his youth lead him to where he is today and the trait that ties all that he does together.

Ryan Marlon Munroe by @filmluar
“I couldn’t be the artist I am and say the things I want to say, If I didn’t have the kind of cultural breadth in which I grew up. But also the constraints. Constraint is something that is in my work. Not being able to be creating from the age I was supposed to is why I am able to do it now.” - Ryan Marlon Munroe


Ryan Munroe is freelance professional Dancer Choreographer and clothes Designer. He trained at London Contemporary Dance School whilst also training in a range of additional styles outside of the BA. He has choreographed and danced in a variation of styles from contemporary, Lindy hop to commercial styles via stage and film. Working with corporations such as Universal Music UK, NBC universal, Comic Relief as well as independent site specific, theatre, and film work. Ryan also facilitates dance across London, taking not only and interest in moving bodies but individuals!

Ryan Marlon Munroe by Bobby Cray

Ryan Munroe is currently moving into the world of dance and fashion design and visual performance art, working creatively within different visual art forms incorporating dance. As a designer Ryan has recently been working on commissions for dance costume and musicians performance outfits as well as being a styling consultant. Ryan is constantly evolving working on his own design brand 'ByMarlon'.

Through his work Ryan is likes to push his creativity even when boundaries are presented, he is always looking for possibilities and consciously tries to implement recycling and upcycling. Ryan Munroe creates and performs with inspiration from the past, a passion for the present and hope for the future!

Connect with him on IG / @bymarloninc

“The older I get, understanding my responsibility onto the world, onto the others and onto myself is becoming a big place that evokes me to keep going on.” - Ryan Marlon Munroe
'ByMarlon' clothes collection designed and styled by Ryan Marlon Munroe, photo by @filmluar

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