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Bombarded by Visual Imagery- Alexandra Lethbridge

PARALLEL presents Alexandra Lethbridge, the Hong-Kong born, UK based, conceptual artist, image maker, photographer, or leave the labels and come join us to discover behind the lens of her process. From the sketchbook to the wall, what does the life of a Millennial artist look like? Growing up in the brinks of the internet era, she explores her being bombarded by imagery, conflicting ideas and misinformation, questioning everything that sparks her interest. Come find out what truly matters on the journey of becoming an established artist.

Ryan Marlon Munroe by @filmluar
Alexandra Lethbridge by @filmluar
You can be whatever you want to be, and if that changes, that is all part of your journey and you don’t have to choose one thing and stick with one thing”. -Alexandra Lethbridge


Alexandra Lethbridge is a conceptual artist working with photography and installation. Her practice includes the use of found and appropriated imagery, sculpture and moving-image.

Recurring themes in her work are deception, misdirection, misinformation, visual truth and the cognitive processing and consumption of information.

Lethbridge is drawn to ambiguities, the gap between this and that, interpretations and

misalignments of ideas and to how we consume visual culture. She bases her work with scientific research and contrasting this objective theory with experimental image-making is integral to her work.

Ryan Marlon Munroe by Bobby Cray
Artwork by Alexandra Lethbridge

In 2014, her book The Meteorite Hunter was shortlisted for the Paris Photo Aperture Foundation First Photo Book Award and is also included as part of the MOMA’s book collection.

Her work has been exhibited world-wide and has won many awards. Publications to feature

her work have included 1000 Words Magazine, GUP, Yet Magazine, Foam Talent, Der Grief,

Self Publish Be Happy, Wired Magazine and The Telegraph online. Her work is held in the

ING collection in Amsterdam.

Alongside her practice, Alexandra is a Lecturer in Photography at Southampton Solent University and a visiting lecturer at many other institutions. She is also Digital Programme Producer for Photoworks.

See her work here.

It’s about constantly questioning how you see the world”.” -Alexandra Lethbridge
'ByMarlon' clothes collection designed and styled by Ryan Marlon Munroe, photo by @filmluar
Artwork by Alexandra Lethbridge


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