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At PARALLEL we believe that creativity is inseparable to our humanity and that art (in all its forms) is a basic human need. It is the most common global language in which we communicate emotions and connect with each other and is therefore a force for positive change.


This is why we created PARALLEL, the place to discover the life of living artists globally. We create and publish artist focused, personality-driven, documentary videos that share the authentic voice and inspiring stories of artists from all disciplines and backgrounds.

Providing a full video production service which focuses specifically on artists, we help businesses in the art sectors improve their online presence with documentary, branded and bespoke videos, that further support the artists they promote.

When the arts are more accessible to everyone, everywhere, everybody wins.


Luar is a documentary filmmaker and photographer, born to creative and nomadic parents who took her with them on their adventures around the world. 


Growing up being exposed to different cultures while always being surrounded by the arts sparked her passion of sharing stories about our commonalities as human beings, to open people’s minds and invite new perspectives. 

Working professionally in the creative industries for over a decade,  she realised there is a great disparity between the positive impact she grew up to believe the arts can have on the world and how inaccessible they actually are for most people. 


Coming to understand her privilege of knowing the arts so closely, while witnessing the power of communication through her medium, she has made it her mission to use her skills to bridge the gap between the arts and the rest of the world, while empowering more people to nurture their creativity. 

Luar 2019 by Solar cropped.jpg


PARALLEL is building a bridge between the arts and the rest of the world through digital content creation and publishing. We are looking for financial support as well as to partner and grow the team with people, organisations, institutions and businesses who share our mission. 

Thanks! We'll get back to you ASAP.

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