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From Consumption to Creativity- Elisa Insua

Travel to the streets of Buenos Aires with our next featured Visual Artist, Elisa Insua. How does an economist turn a full time, internationally exhibited artist? Come and find out what challenges she faced on her journey to becoming an artist, as she takes us into her studio, her home and her latest solo exhibition ‘Virtual Vanitas’.

Ryan Marlon Munroe by @filmluar
Elisa Insua by @filmluar
“That sharing part, the need to communicate with the public, what I’m doing and what I’m thinking, to see if they find it interesting or inspiring, is very important to me, very motivating.” - Elisa Insua


Elisa Insua was born in Buenos Aires in 1990. In 2011 she completed her Bachelor's degree in Economics and Business at Torcuato Di Tella University.

At the age of sixteen, she started her practice as a self-taught artist, creating assemblages and sculptures with discarded materials. She gradually fused her artistic practice with concepts related to economics, overconsumption and human insatiability. In the following years, she studied sculpture with Miguel Harte and was part of group critiques with Fabiana Barreda, Diego Bianchi and Ernesto Ballesteros.

Ryan Marlon Munroe by Bobby Cray
Disposable Cultural Consumption I, 2019 by Elisa Insua

In 2014, she had her first solo show, "Stairway to Heaven" at Plataforma (Córdoba, Argentina), followed by "More is More" at Espacio Modos (Buenos Aires, 2016) and ““Quid Pro Quo”” at APPA (Madrid, 2018). In 2019 she had her largest show to date, “Virtual Vanitas” at Usina del Arte (Buenos Aires, Argentina).

She was part of various group shows in South America and Europe, including “Ludic”” at MACSur (Museo de Arte Contemporáneo del Sur, Buenos Aires, 2018), “Memento Mons” at Beaux Arts Mons Museum (Mons, Belgium, 2019), “Slight Omission” at Cerquone Projects (Madrid, 2018) and “Proyecto Vergel” at María Casado HG (Buenos Aires, 2016).

Find out more on her website.

“I create things, then if it’s art or not, maybe it’s for other people to judge.” - Elisa Insua
'ByMarlon' clothes collection designed and styled by Ryan Marlon Munroe, photo by @filmluar
Elisa Insua at her exhibition “Virtual Vanitas” at Usina del Arte (Buenos Aires, Argentina) by @filmluar


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