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A Free Range Child Turned Photographer: Vikram Kushwah
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A Free Range Child Turned Photographer- Vikram Kushwah

An intimate portrait of Award-winning art and fashion photographer Vikram Kushwah, as he shares his first memory of photography, his perspective on Artivism, explains the importance of childhood experiences in relation to the creative psyche,

and even reveals what his mother thinks of his work.

“When I started taking pictures, it was wonderful how differently I could view the world through the viewfinder. There was some kind of otherworldly quality to it. At that time I thought to myself, wow photography never fails to lie, it’s a big lie. It’s so different from how you see the world. But now as I have matured I think it’s not a big lie, it’s just a really different way of looking at the world.”  -Vikram Kushwah



Vikram Kushwah is an Indian born fashion and art photographer based in England. His photographs are characterised by dreamlike settings, where fiction distorts fact and reality meets the bottom of the rabbit hole. These images are fuelled by daydreams, distant childhood memories, children’s storybooks and an understanding of the surrealists and the romantics. Lately, he has been exploring portraiture around real life human stories, still maintaining the romanticism associated with his work. 

Vikram’s work regularly appears in publications like Vogue, Elle and Harper’s Bazaar India, with Italian Vogue profiling him in their ‘New Talents’ section. His collector base spans the USA, Europe, Britain, Asia and Australia.

He lives with his wife and a menagerie of pets in rural Oxfordshire.

See his body of work on his website


Photo by @filmluar


Photo from 'Exile' series by Vikram Kushwah

“Art has space in everyone’s life. Right from when they are born until they die.” 

-Vikram Kushwah

Green car story 01.jpg

Photo from 'The Twins and the Green Car' series by Vikram Kushwah

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