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Filmmaker, Writer or Musician?- Antonio Celotto

A “slashie", “juggler", a "Jack of All Trades”, Award-winning filmmaker, writer and musician, Antonio Celotto is the epitome of them all. Take a plunge into his definition of self-expression as he shares his memories of developing his creative process and why being one thing is just not good enough. Always wanted to juggle different skills but didn’t know if it’s possible? Join us as we unravel the journey of a true multidisciplinary.

Antonio Celotto by @filmluar
Antonio Celotto by @filmluar
“I think everyone is born creative but I see creativity as a language, it’s not about something you do, it’s about communicating something.” -Antonio Celotto


Antonio Celotto is a filmmaker, writer and musician. Following a precocious career start as a musician, as well as an editor and director for fashion films in Italy, he moved to Paris to study filmmaking. Here he shot his first short films whilst working as assistant director on feature films. His short film ‘Faithless’ obtained international distribution and broadcasting.

His strong cinematic style combines the knowledge of classic European film grammar learned in his years in Paris, a sensitivity for aesthetics and rhythm absorbed from the music and fashion worlds in Italy and the skill of capturing the essence of a character, practiced in his documentary video-journalistic works shot around

the world including New York, Tokyo, St. Petersburg, Rome, Paris and London.

Still from Antonio Celotto's film "Perfectly Right"
Still from Antonio Celotto's film "Perfectly Right"

His music video ‘Perfectly right’ shot in the Dominican Republic for his band ‘Flying Tailor’ (Best Music Video at the ARFF International) and his short film ‘Land:Dream’ shot in Margate, UK (Audience Award at the Sunday Shorts Festival, London) have been touring a few international festivals. He has written two novels, ‘La Pelle Del Silenzio’ and ‘Terra Bruciata’ (Honorable Mention at the Golden Books Awards 2018) which have been respectively published in Italy by GDS and Eremon.

Based in London he is currently developing his first feature film, ‘Horizon:Here’, his new musical project ‘NACA’ and his third novel ‘La città di Lanto’ (working title) and regularly teaches filmmaking in Oxford to young aspiring directors.

Find out more on his website

“If I wanted to do what I do, sitting and planning it, I’m not sure I would be able to do it. I just do it because it comes natural, my body goes there.” -Antonio Celotto
Still from Antonio Celotto's film Land:Dream
Still from Antonio Celotto's film Land:Dream


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