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“Art, films, theatre, books and basically stories that are well told, allow you to empathise, put yourself in someone else’s shoes and live that for a bit. They have the ability to make you shift your perspective and I think it’s very important to be able to understand as many points of view as we can if we want to progress as a society.” 

-Meena Rayann



Meena Rayann is an award winning, Paris born, London based actress. She trained between Paris, London and Los Angeles, and works regularly in international productions in Film (THE HUSTLE (2019), HILDA (2019) KILL BEN LYK (2018),  TAPE (2017)...), TV (HBO's GAME of THRONES as Vala in seasons 5 and 6, A WONDERFUL FAMILY (2017)) and theatre mainly in London.

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"Inspiration comes from the outside, then it goes through the filters of ourselves and comes out as creativity.”

-Meena Rayann

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The Actress That Emerged From Shyness-  Meena Rayann (P4)
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The Actress That Emerged From Shyness - Meena Rayann

Exploring the different facets of who she is, Game of Thrones, Award-winning actress, Meena Rayann, has come a long way. Find out how she transformed both internal and external doubts into proactively pursuing her ambitions, why she thinks storytelling comes with a responsibility and get a glimpse of how she prepares herself to audition.

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