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“In life we always have challenges and issues, so through art or through music you learn that subconsciously. There is always something that you need to learn and you want to learn because you like it but then you go through a lot in order to reach it. At some point you change your mind about how to approach things and you become better at problem solving.” -Filippo Galli



Filippo is a London based drummer with over twenty years of experience, active in the UK since 2015 as a session and touring drummer as well as a drum teacher. He started taking drum lessons at the age of six, developing through the years a wide background rooted in the most diverse music styles such as jazz, electronic, rock and pop. He has a masters degree in music performance, in 2014 and in 2015 he won the award for the best drummer at the Italian national competition ‘Festival del Ritmo’ and in 2014 he has been selected out of 200 musicians for the Berklee school of music award band during the Umbria Jazz Masterclasses.

Filippo is currently working with his band ‘Naca’ on the release of their first ep.

Find out more on Naca's website


Photos by @filmluar


“Art in itself can break through so many things, it can make you think outside the box, question yourself and teach you things. When you do art you are free.”

-Filippo Galli

The Meditating Drummer- Filippo Galli (P3)
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The Meditating Drummer -Filippo Galli

Come behind the music scenes with drummer Filippo Galli, as he ponders with philosophical questions around labelling oneself as an artist, creative expression and following your instincts. Discover how he went from playing on the pots in the kitchen, to a clerical job, to drumming full-time and creating music in the metropolis of London. 

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