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Bringing personal experience to the forefront, we share the stories of those who engage with the world through creative expression in order to inspire and empower you to nurture your creativity, and that of those that surround you.
Celebrate creativity and the diversity in the arts by bringing artists of all disciplines and backgrounds globally, emerging and established alike, closer to their audiences and each other. 
Open Minds
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Sharing the authentic thoughts, experiences and life lessons of living artists, we demystify the art world’s seemingly pretentious aura and strip down the fifth wall of the creative industries, by being accessible to all.   


PARALLEL is building a bridge between the arts and the rest of the world through digital content publishing. Want to know who's behind this? Click here to meet our founder.

We are looking to partner with people and businesses who share our ethos, want to make a positive social impact and make their mark in the arts. 

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